‘The contact of two similar minds in motion creates positive friction capable of igniting a spark. Embers of epiphanies catch light and spread like wild fire, engulfing the parameters of old and clearing space for fresh thoughts to flourish’

Liam McGill, 2016

Having lived together for a year in Glasgow in 2012 and grown up in the west cost town of Oban before that we have both moved around different parts of the planet since then, meeting innumerable number of people, engaging in new ways of thinking and benefitting from hosts of experiences. What we have taken from a lot of that are the interests and intricacies of huge swathes of people and we want to celebrate the capacity that resides in everyone and attempt to allow people to tap into that for themselves. Travelling may open your eyes to different things but those things wouldn’t exist without the existence of people in these places. The day to day grind of people’s lives should have just as much cause for enjoyment and appreciation. Little things here and there can burst that into colour. Cultivate your garden and marvel at the green, green grass on your own patch.

Through a series of seemingly unconnected events we have found ourselves living together in the centre of Edinburgh over this summer and autumn working as tour guides embarking on daily forays into the Highlands of Scotland. At a crossroads, we are finding that a lot of these thoughts each of us are having has been reciprocated by the other. We simply wanted to put that enthusiasm into something and so have devised this website as a way of documenting the different paths we will both be embarking on whilst tying it together with a sense of place.

Though we have found joy, intimacy and love around the world, it is this trash pile at the scabbiest end ay a bunch ay frozen rocks in the North Sea that our friendship alongside many others has been forged and it is these close relationships that we want to tie a lot of this back to whilst bringing others that we meet along the way into this same family.