The master race and where to find them

the master raceThe world marches on as white men fight to die. Despite their best efforts, the evolution of the human race continues to be the integration of the human race. Resistance is resistance to the betterment of themselves and their offspring. But as globalism takes hold, more has to be done to protect local cultures from the auspices of a change that threatens to wipe out distinction.

Some are confused by the world they see and try to react to something that isn’t there, creating enemies out of the unknown. Drowning cats trapped in pillow cases, these angry caucasians scratch for blood and soil but find themselves in writhing struggle, lashing out at those that could lift them out.

Emasculated kittens aren’t the only ones whose existence is bent to divide. For some the closed doors of tradition are institutionally self serving. It is why, in Britain, there are faces on coins of inbred rulers who make corgis look like mongrels. Repressive and imperial, we allow this history to create inbuilt distinctions between us and them, you and me. But for humanity in masses, the unplugging of narrow prismed dominance would allow for more cultures to be shared and flow. Surely this would see a rise in basic happiness and wellbeing amongst individuals and wider groups as archaic dogmas become bypassed. An embracing of intersectionality would bring together this myriads of voices who never before have had such vocal opportunity to speak.

Those who preach the virtues of a master race should be the ones fuelling this integration greatest of all. They’re the ones who should be righting historical wrongs and tearing down statues to pursue their agenda of strength. Cordoning people off by perceived ethnicities does not equate to purity, it equates to limitation, a biological dead end.

This is a period in human history with a greater accessibility to learning about ourselves as a global species than there has ever been. At some point, these distinctions won’t be so relevant as other shared revolutions in culture and understanding get underway. For now, difference can be celebrated in the most exciting and seductive of ways. Individually, we get to create relationships and intimacy with a more intricate meeting of people than in any age in history. It’s the precipice of a new age where before evolution came from monkeys raping other monkeys.

Understandings of science, health and spirituality have the capacity to be rapidly developed. Our localised spheres of perception will always come up against a limitation of thought but that does not mean we have to stay trapped in our own plant pots. Technology is giving us the chance to break the plastic rigidity and move into a meadow of exploration and idea never before seen. Every time an individual is exposed to something new they get the chance to be a better version of them self. When millions are doing the same the development would be seismic.

Living a life of separatist superiority is an inhibiting inferiority which will only mean missing the evolutionary boat. What are these cultural qualities worth if insecurity leaves someone too threatened to mix with others? If the KKK burrowed into their proud Celtic lineage, they’d find Arabic roots. Discover that and they could find a branch with the refugee that they harbour such resentment to. A contemporary and historical commonality exists with the persecuted of Damascus but they’re too angry to see the road. Isolation is at the root of their oppression. Trapped without culture in a land not native to them, they try and fabricate fable based on a history that never existed. Despite their ability to bench press and barbecue steak, they are withering and they are dying.

Having a strong sense of localism is not inherently divisive and can be strengthened by embracing globalism. But this process has to be respected from the other side as well. The most accessible way that people have to mix can be hugely damaging. Tourism brings together huge numbers of people but encourages the traveller to take and give nothing.

Well meaning people commodify elements of other people and place as something to be purchased, something they can experience by virtue of wealth. It’s an overarching power. ‘I done Europe’, ‘I’ve done Bogota’. Perceptions of place are pimped. The gratification is instant, made ever more convenient and left ever unreflected.

The ease of the transactions makes them material. Money provides comfort but not connection. If people keep going to places trying to spend money to integrate, every air mile will take them further away. The smaller the world gets, the tighter the noose of inequality becomes. The more people mix, the more people are going to have to face up to the inequalities that exist so rampantly, that rely on the exploitation of land and people far away and closer to home. You cannae keep taking photos sipping coconuts whilst remaining unaccountable of how it is you got there. Violence is not just perpetrated by those carrying torches and those with privilege are the one who have the responsibility to try and cut the rope.

Consumerism itself is homogeneous and flattens out difference and diversity with superfluous gimcrack. These bland creations project to all and attach to none. People use branding as a bridge. In chasing authenticity and acceptance, they try to drape themselves in cloaks of thin air not considering it might be ok to be naked. Individualism has given people the chance to become emperor and they won’t relinquish the privilege for a second.

Missionaries of free movement absolve themselves by preaching about the monetary benefit they bring to wherever they go. They brandish capital like it grants total right of access. By treating people this way they make them economically subservient to something they never asked for. Unwittingly, they create resentment and put up barriers when the close physical environment begs for something more harmonious.

There is a falsity to it all. People set out to sail on milk and honey seas yet flail around on syrupy tsunamis. As they chase ‘real’, ‘traditional’, ‘local’ ‘experiences’, their lack of empathy and need to be catered for destroys everything they seek to be a part of.

By wanting to see what we are told to absorb we trample over any attachment people might have had to something real. We have broken down a fourth wall and demand the players pose for us, on the same scene, never to progress. Quicksand of the soul.

It’s a huge fortune that humans have nowadays to spread so far and wide. Rather than chasing the obvious, the self satisfying and the pre packaged, there is a chance and a necessity to develop something deeper. To do that, those who wish to go out and see the world have to be willing to give more of themselves and where they come from. The planet’s not just there for them to take. They have to find ways to connect with people who feel they are losing or have lost control in a world that only moves faster and will keep on severing the orthodoxies of the past. It is imperative to have that sense of connection to a place in order to go to someone else’s. Humanity is full of simple commonalities that are more meaningful than ethnic differences and disconnection exists for the oppressor as well as for the oppressed. If we take those small steps to eradicate these distinctions, the master race will be all of us and we’ll find it everywhere we go.

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