Get together

I can’t vote for Labour in Scotland but what a hero Jeremy Corbyn is. I choose to have no expectation that he’ll get close to winning but it’s been dead good seeing someone in the public sphere so relentlessly principled, more interested in truth than power. I couldn’t think of a better role model.

He has no interest in power or prestige, he’s spent his whole life fighting, working, interacting for what is right for no other reason than it was right. And through some ridiculous spurts and bursts has somehow in his mid 60s, through no real incline of his own, found himself leading a movement of millions who aspire to live their lives in the same compassionate, rich vein. And through it all he has never buckled, never compromised himself. When charged with the most outlandish of accusations and distortions he has continued to stand by what he believes in and be transparent. The games that other politicians play are of no interest to him so with that he cannot be beat. The tricks that they try to pull look pithy when they garner no reaction.

Theresa May can romp to the election but the sheet has been pulled back for millions and they see those who aspire for power for what they are. How to explain the millions who don’t see that, I have no idea but whilst that’s going on, it’s inspiring to know that there’s many, many people that seek to care rather than just playing to lose. It regenerates your own empathy.

May will likely win but Corbyn’s been given a showcase chance and he took it. He’s risen to the occasion and without breaking his stride, waded through the mire of the scurrilous and the weaselly who sought to taint his character and his being. If it’s not enough then fine. He reached out to many and now there are many who think that the actions that may seem intuitively right and holistic can be justified as the ones to follow through on. They can get together across communities in villages, towns and cities, reaching out across diverse spectrums and demographics and work for the things they know no hierarchical Tory government is going to help them with.

It’s not the same as having people in government who serve the interests of people but Labour would have got shafted with anyone else. Those who wanted someone ‘to make Labour electable’ lack the same imaginative appetite as the Tories, not seeing the exclusionary political nature of the unelectable candidates they talked up. In the process of being equally unelectable, Corbyn has actually been getting people to think and discuss about things that matter, things that are substantive and that never would have happened with anyone else.

He’s been proven right in the past when corrupted powers have gone the other way. He’s maybe the most strong and stable Prime Ministerial candidate there’s ever been. And he never even tried to be.