Jump in the line

Win or lose the election, Jeremy Corbyn has inspired millions and demonstrated through the self that it is possible to make a society better through living a life of principle and conviction. He has inspired people to be like him.

If Theresa May loses on Thursday who will aspire to live like her? So compromising, so shady and evasive, so entrenched in power and privilege purely for the sake of power and privilege. She was born in a gilded intellectual cage of her own limitations and she represents a people who know not of the reality of the lives of others and care not to learn. I don’t like picking out soundbites but did you hear her talk about the naughtiest thing she’s ever done? Ran through a field once. She has no modicum of wit or creative intelligence and has never lived a life that dared to be better. If she has never been hugged then of course she’ll think the world is cold. She leads like this is society’s only temperate.

Her fragile frame creaks and strains as it bears the weight of all that is despicable about power. She carries herself like she was initiated into number 10 with a Dementor’s kiss, her haunted demeanour displaying at times just momentarily the flicker of a humanity that was once there. But she is a shell of who she once was, devoured by the edifice of high ranking conservatism. Billions in offshore havens and billions in Saudi weapons deals rely on her jumping into line and dancing at the front of the conga with a face contorted, eyes lost, pleading for it to end but a brain to fried to contemplate how. She’ll keep shaking the maracas and she won’t stop until the public stop putting coins in the jukebox. Worked into the ground by others’ bloated excess, she is the face of selfishness and morose thought.

If you were to burrow far enough into Theresa May’s soul you may eventually find a heart, it may be no larger than the size of a popcorn kernel but for sure it must be there. But like a giant’s thumb pinning down a mouse, there is something much stronger that leans on it and renders it too meek to be of credence. That small part of her might deep, deep down, yearn to help others but it is a thought existent in benignity so long as helping others means renouncing something of herself and the self interest of others. Toryism is never, ever, ever about self sacrifice and one of the many problems with this historically powerful ruling class is that they will never help others by giving up something themselves. This lady’s lifestyle is not for turning and it would be anti-British to suggest so.

If she is booted out in two days time then history will look at it as having been a blatant inevitability. She has evaded scrutiny and tripped up on flat ground. The contrast in choices couldn’t be clearer. With that hand to play, Britain’s gonnae get what it deserves.

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