Red castles made of sand

Tomorrow, say no thanks to Tories and no thanks to confused non Tories. Is there any more tired line in contemporary Scotland than the words of the blue nosed dullards who proclaim ‘Scotland doesn’t want another divisive referendum.’ This word ‘divisive’ comes only from those who decided never to engage in the wider debate. They say divisive because their previously unquestioned body of thought is being put under scrutiny, being challenged.

It is divisive only in that an alternative opinion is being discussed separately from their own consensus. People across Scotland, myself included have been lit up by the debates and discussions over the last couple of years. I find nothing divisive about my actions. I wish to separate from the British state but that has nothing to do with the divisiveness that is alluded to by newspapers and politicians. They infer it as a division between people. It is not. I want more integration between people. I do not wish people to profit over the suffering of others. I wish to consciously live and work to reign in the gaping moors of inequality. Every reason I have to want independence comes from the best of intentions. If you disagree with that and think I am mistaken, fine but what is not fine is constantly being told my wants are divisive. They aren’t. To tell me I am divisive without taking on board any of what I say is what will fuel division. I won’t claim to be divided from you because I still think commonality is possible and I believe in what I say.

There is little critical thought of the status quo from people who defend it and I find that astonishing. Skepticism must be a constant tenet of a society. The same can be said in criticising the Scottish government but the British state has existed for 300 years. If you cannot be self critical of it in your support for it then its moral legitimacy must surely be deigned as wafer thin. There is no direction that those defending the union speak of. I’m not even talking about opinions that I disagree with. They just don’t have any. They just say no. They hold the upper hand in that their position is already entrenched as de facto but they do not reach out to connect with those that feel marginalised. They do not accept that there are people who are disgruntled about the state of the world and refuse to listen to the thoughts that say so. They don’t want to hear about it. Well I want them to. I want others to too.

I see division in the policies of Britain. I see division when they set their stall out against those who are not like them. The accusations of anti Britishness towards Corbyn is as tribally nationalistic as it is possible to be. No consideration of any position beyond the position of Britishness. When Jeremy Corbyn talked to figures in the IRA, he saw people on all sides, not just an our side and an enemy side and peace was brokered from there. How inane does one have to be to get stuck in such a John Wayne vortex that they hound him for it? Can they possibly be appealed by reason? Let them saw away at the branch they sit on as the rest of us grow as trees. And when they come crashing down, we’ll pick them up by the hand, put our arm around them and tell them not to be so stupid again.

Scottish Labour diverged from the British party just as the London branch had something worth fighting for. The daft bastards fucked it. They’ve entangled themselves in a unionist mess with those whose policies truly divide us and it is their time now to slip into the sea. But from afar and with everything I’ve got I will be cheering on the man they rejected.

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