2 boar burg, 1 rump salad

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 08.19.02

2 boar burg
1 Rump salad
Here’s the case of the twin pigs’ ballad

Born one day, snouts asunder,
blinking eyes look with so much wonder

at the world around.
Beauty in sight and touch and sound.

He’s my pal, he’s my brother,
nuzzled into my doting mother

We like to play all day long,
what from here could ever go wrong

Games all day, hugs all night,
then do it all again at sunlight

We’re not girls but as we grow,
they call us cheeky sow and sows

The farmer’s near with his pointing stick,
which one of us is he going to pick

He cocks it back and pulls the trigger,
it’s so much fun, I can’t help but snigger

What a noise! What a sound!
brother’s so excited, he’s on the ground

Get up now, my what a laugh,
And whose run us a deep red bath?

The farmer makes the noise again,
now all I hear are the cries of men

But the colours now are much more arid
As I hear them say,
‘we’ll have 2 boar burgers and 1 rump salad’

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