Meet me on the Shores of Hope


When darkness rears its forceful head
And tries to take away the light

When soulless greed and hatred seeks
To win its war without a fight

When tears flow hot down cheeks of fear
And anger rides on waves of sorrow

When all feels lost to churning storms
And worry brings us no tomorrow

We’ll gather on the shores of hope
To watch a low and greying sky

We’ll light a fire to keep us warm
And watch as towering waves pass by

We’ll welcome those who join us here
With sadness weighing down their hearts

We’ll feel the breeze against our skin
And watch as the horizon starts

To heave and churn with smoky fog
Upon the edge of reasoning

To glint with gleeful destruction
That only ignorance can bring

To weep with broken promises
Whispered through the ages past

To crumble in heart-wrenching strife
When gentle breezes breathe their last

And here upon this lonely rock
We’ll stand among the cooling sands

And as the weeping rain falls down
We’ll join our cold and weary hands

As twilight sheds her greying cloak
To midnight’s blanket of despair

And we’ll cry out into the night
Our voices lost to salty air

Forgotten are the endless fields
Waving windward grasses low

Forgotten are the towering trees
Proud and strong in summer’s glow

Forgotten are the winding streams
Their music flooded from our ears

Forgotten is our ocean vast
It’s waves lost to unfounded fears

Yet still we clasp each other’s hands
We stand despite the driving rain

And our beloved Earth still turns
Through skies of hate and winds of pain

And soon the dawn breaks on the land
And paints the air with lemon light

We turn our faces to its warmth
And shed the sightless cloak of night

And on this shore we start to build
Not an imposing hurtful tower

Not a skyward house of glass
That captures vortices of power

We build a shelter for ourselves
With walls of curiosity

We weave protection in our love
And knit together gracefully

A carpet made of knowing steps
Of conscious words we’ve yet to speak

A ceiling carved from wisdom old
And knowledge we will vow to seek

We close our door upon the storm
Refusing entry to its woe

We listen as the thunder grows
A monster with no place to go

As day descends once more to night
We gather by a glowing fire

Upon the hearth of nature’s keep
And hatch a plan to fight the ire

Who stands for us if not ourselves?
Who waves our flag high in the air?

We cannot surf the rising tide
When we are scattered in despair

Who walks with us as morning dawns?
Whose singing voices set the tone?

Who sails towards the shores of hope
To show us we are not alone?

Rosie Collinge


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