Trees Fall, Trees Grow: Can Humans Do The Same?

Tree bark Stace.jpgOn one side of the fence trees are announced as a disturbance to the profit of the land.

Across the way,

on the other side of the fence trees are honoured. Sacred keepers of life. Of air. Holding the breaths we breathe. Holding us. 

From one side of the fence trees are witnessed in their last moments.

Their hands can reach one hundred times higher than our own, yet,  

by our hands,

they will fall,

to our feet. 

Cut Trees .jpg

Trees breathe the same air as us yet when they exhale they give back more than they received. 

What do you give with your breath? 


It’s nearly four months since I arrived at Songaia’s gate. 

We live in generosity and ignorance, forgiveness and resentment, love and anger, judgement and acceptance. A Perfect community. 

This month I sat as a bystander and watched as this family of Songaians stood tall to stand up for the speechless. To fight for our environment. Stace artricle green .jpg

Today sawdust clung to the tears on my cheeks. I felt such pain witnessing trees crumble to the ground with a crack so sharp it pierced my bones.

I sat in despair as I evoked the sweet memories of my childhood trees and forests. These places had such personality, a sense of freedom and curiosity. 

Who stood for their silent fall as housing now sits proudly upon my old memories? 

Big world Stace.jpg

Last week I attended Imagine, a music festival based on a mission of our imagined future. Our dreams. The energy at this festival was out of this world. People were incredibly generous and caring for one another. It felt like we were celebrating the real humanity. A better way to be human. 

Now returning to this death and destruction I wonder, is it just a matter of time before the new generation lift our ways or will we continue to succumb?

Through these experiences I learnt one of my favourite lessons in life: care fearlessly. 

Give without attachment to the outcome. 

If you lost all attachment to an outcome what would you choose to change?

Festival .jpg

By Stacey Williams

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