The Pumpkin’s Tale


The pumpkin’s tale begins in spring, its early promise starts to sing.
Seeds all shoot, one, two, three, grow’n together, one perfect family.
Feeling the sun as it bears upon them, life itself is the perfect emblem.
LET THE SUNSHINE IN, the age of aquarius, you start to grin.

There the journey starts to stop. Darkness descends and charts the rot.
Brothers, sisters, join me now, back not down from the farmer’s plough.
Defiance in life, defiance in death, we’ll try to grow from all that’s left.
Comfort not taken from all the knowledge, your siblings were sprinkled onto a vegan’s porridge.

Summertime and the living’s easy, you look at yourself and feel all queasy.
Why is my root all strange and lumpy? Growing up and the road is bumpy.
Courgette’s are hot, courgette’s are thin, all I’ll do is sit and grin.
As the heat kicks in, you feel all swollen, innocence once was, completely stolen.

Pluck me now, pluck me hard, get me out of this tortured yard.
Sweet relief as the stems are cut, the pain is over but but but
You line up, one, two, three, the sign up top says grocery. The conveyor belt moves to the beep, your mind awake but your body asleep

Inside the house, husband and wife, give their child a great big knife.
Words are made after a while, WHAT THE HELL IS A CHELSEA SMILE?
You try to ask, where did you sin, but just sit there now with a great big grin.
Isolation as you’ve turned all orange and nothing rhymes with you.

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