Annapurna in Pictures

Nepal – Annapurna Circuit 

On March 18th 2015 I made the journey from New Delhi, India to Kathmandu, Nepal. Propelled by a naïve sense of adventure I set for a solo attempt at trekking Nepal’s Annapurna circuit. A ten-day expedition, reaching heights of up to 17,769ft through the Thorung La Pass, and all without so much as a days practise at climbing high altitudes. Completely humbled by the expedition I wanted to share the experience through pictures – which at times can say more than a thousand words.

It had been my plan to write-up about the trip when I returned to the UK. Yet, days after leaving Nepal the country experienced its worst earthquake in over 80 years. With over 8,000 killed and many thousands more injured, my words and opinions felt as insignificant and inconsequential as my oxygen-starved shell had on the side of those very mountains just days before. The focus had changed and the words felt no longer pertinent. Instead it felt more honest to share the countries beauty, capturing Mother Nature’s greatest feat, the Himalaya’s, rather than attempting to reflect on the forces of nature that have irreparably changed the face of this nation.


bridge flowergrassy-housewoman-climbs love-shackimg_6473img_6462yak-2 water-fallwinter-wonder-land   mountain-watch red-sky-3good-morning-nepal full-mountian descent climb img_6876img_6948buddhist-temple img_6853before-passskull-2img_6640


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By Liam McGuckin

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